Manufacturing Process Development Engineer


Develop next generation optical systems incorporating Peak Nano’s proprietary nano-layered polymer gradient index of refraction (LGRIN) optical lenses for a wide range of markets including defense, biomedical, automation, and entertainment. Reporting directly to the Development Director, the successful candidate will work closely with the development team to define production procedures to meet finished lens specifications for quality and throughput.

  • Investigate incoming material properties and their impact on lens manufacturability
  • Optimize procedures for preparing the blank material for lens finishing
  • Develop procedure for rapid mounting of blanks on lens finishing machines while maintaining yields
  • Design and execute process experimentation to investigate the impact on finished lens quality, repeatability, and scalability
  • Develop a production inspection procedure including documentation for finished lenses
  • Develop lens handling, cleaning, packaging, and shipping procedures


  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, or Industrial Systems Engineering or relevant experience
  • Experience in component manufacturing or inspection
  • Proficiency in ISO 9001 QMS requirements
  • Possession of excellent written and oral communication skills


To be considered for this opportunity, please send your resumé to [email protected].