The most disruptive technology in optics in our lifetime.

Using engineered plastics instead of glass, a new generation of sporting optics will be lighter, clearer, and stronger. In the past decades, we’ve seen compact roof prisms replace the bulky porro prisms in our binoculars. Every year, our riflescopes have grown heavier, fatter, and more capable of placing bullets with precision at long distances. And specialized extra-low-dispersion glass has made sporting optics in every category brighter and clearer than their predecessors.

But starting next year, those evolved optics will seem as primitive as rotary telephones appear to anyone under the age of 40. The most disruptive technology in optics in our lifetime — the use of specially engineered polymers that will replace glass lenses — will make our binoculars, spotting scopes, and rifle scopes much lighter and more powerful than ever.

A single company, Peak Nanosystems, appears to have emerged as the industry leader.

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— Excerpt from Outdoor Life Magazine (February – March 2017)
by Andrew McKean