Peak Nano Optics Completes Series A Financing Totaling $5.8 Million

March 2017 - Peak Nano Optics completed its Series A round of financing with a total of $5.8 million in investments, allowing the company to begin scaling up manufacturing to meet demand in the sporting optics and military markets.

"We are proud of the incredible support we have received from several exceptionally successful family offices. This raise will allow us to accelerate the significant expansion of our manufacturing capability," said Chad Lewis, president and chief operating officer of Peak Nano. "We have been inundated with requests from global leaders in the military, commercial sporting optics, AR/VR, and medical optics market segments and will use this round to drive product launches for 2018 across multiple product lines."

This Series A round of funding was largely driven through private family capital offices.

"They say no good deal ever gets out of Texas and that is certainly the case here," said Jim Welsh, Peak Nano's chief executive officer. "The support we have received is directly related to the numerous milestones the team is achieving in several markets and recognition of our mission to drive value for our investment partners."

Peak Nano Optics is a joint venture between Peak Nano and Polymer Plus. The company was formed to launch commercial applications utilizing its ground-breaking nanolayered GRIN lens technology in the military, sporting optics, AR/VR and medical markets.

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About Peak Nano

Nanotechnology can push the performance of commercial products well beyond what conventional wisdom says is possible, but until Peak Nano, much of its potential was unrealized. We're a turnkey commercialization engine for breakthrough nanotechnology, making disruption real in multiple markets. Our Peak Nano system streamlines the entire process, from nanotechnology research and innovation to rapid prototyping, manufacturing, capital, executive leadership, and distribution.