Warfighter Systems

HawkAI™ Warfighter Optics

Warfighters need solutions that increase situational awareness, lethality, survivability, and operational tempo. Peak’s AI-powered optics technology will enable fighters to accomplish their mission and get their team home safely. Our HawkAI optics are based on next-generation LGRIN (Layered Gradient Refractive Index) technology that is AI-optimized and built in the US. Our advanced LGRIN lenses can be leveraged for night vision, fire control, drones, and any application that requires the highest level of optics performance. 

Enhance fighter tempo, reduce fatigue, and increase lethality by employing our lightweight NanoPlex-based optics.

  • Truth check – 100% U.S. designed and manufactured
  • Up to 50% lighter than traditional glass lenses
  • AI-optimized optics performance

NanoPlex Enhances the Power of Energy Solutions

Peak’s NanoPlex design delivers up to 8X more energy storage in the same footprint as traditional capacitor films, enabling new energy storage solutions that will optimize current power grids, integrate renewable energy sources, and enable fusion energy.

Our high-powered capacitor solutions will enable any technology that requires rapid power delivery, including substations, EVs, drones, defibrillators, military systems, utilities, and fusion energy. NanoPlex capacitor films will change the way the world packages and delivers energy.

  • Up to 8X higher power density vs. traditional BOPP
  • Up to 50% lighter designs
  • 2X smaller footprints

Peak Performance for Life Sciences

Peak’s HawkAI optics and NanoPlex packaging films are poised to advance the capabilities of life sciences by improving endoscopy optics, elevating medical packaging performance, and enhancing energy storage in life-saving AED systems.

HawkAI optics have the potential to help surgeons be more precise and reduce surgery time with improved endoscopy systems for better patient care.

NanoPlex films have the potential to propel the production of higher-performing medical packaging solutions. They can be optimized to enable safer and longer medical storage and easier drug delivery, enabling better patient safety and medical efficiency.

Far Out Specialty Films

Looking ahead, Peak’s NanoPlex films have the capability to advance packaging solutions that protect vital assets, equipment, and more for our partners to deliver. 

NanoPlex enables the creation of applications-specific packaging solutions to control atmospheric conditions, optimize packaging strength, and protect against conditions in space using sustainable formulations created from recycled materials and adhering to full plastic recycling guidelines.

Peak’s NanoPlex can be used in a multitude of industrial uses, and new solutions being continuously optimized and delivered.

  • Control packaging atmospheric conditions
  • Optimize for light sensitivity
  • Improve tensile strength
  • Incorporate higher levels of recycled polymer materials
  • Address recyclability guidelines for performance packaging solutions