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Fusion Energy Partners

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Peak Fusion Energy PARTNER PROGRAM

Peak works with a wide spectrum of partners in the fusion energy ecosystem. As the industry moves forward with both laser-based and magnetic-based fusion reactors, we are delivering and developing next-generation versions of our NanoPlexTM capacitor films to meet the demands of each type of fusion energy reactor.   

Peak is passionate about developing solutions that increase the efficiency of fusion power plants and ignite the fusion process, which is vital for the planet. Fusion is the most viable clean energy solution and arguably the only one that can provide 24/7 clean energy.

Peak is working with the U.S. Congress, the Department of Energy, and our industry partners to accelerate the viability and commercialization of low-cost fusion energy.

Fusion Association Partners

Peak is actively working with leading fusion associations to drive awareness, investment, and policy to support the growth and commercialization of fusion energy. Today, we are facing an “Electricity Gap” where over 65% of U.S. fossil-fuel and nuclear power plants are scheduled to retire by 2035. While we have seen significant growth in other renewables, such as wind and solar, they simply cannot provide a predictable 24/7/365 U.S.-based power supply required for our national security.

Fusion energy represents the most pragmatic clean energy alternative for our planet. With this emerging technology, the United States has the opportunity not only to maintain a technological lead but, for the first time in a generation, to manage the supply chain domestically and in collaboration with allied nations. This is vital for reshoring U.S. manufacturing and global leadership.

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Fusion Research Partners

The origin of Peak is rooted in research conducted by the Naval Research Lab, DARPA, university programs such as Case Western Reserve who are funded by the National Science Foundation and additional research organizations. Peak continues to work with these organizations and many others to advance the science behind NanoPlex metamaterials, which is based on working with key research agencies and the grants they provide to develop intellectual property. 

Peak is honored to participate in research programs funded by these and other organizations. This collaboration enables Peak to deliver the new systems required by the fusion energy industry today and in the future.

ITER Tokamak Fusion Reactor

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