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NanoPlex Powers Industrial Revolution 4.0

Find out how Peak NanoPlex drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution with groundbreaking technology in our infographic. Learn how we shape the future of power systems.



Stop the China Steal - Protect The $40 Trillion Fusion Energy Market

Learn how the U.S. can regain leadership in fusion energy by adopting strategies from the CHIPS Act for the semiconductor industry.



The Evolution of Night Vision

Discover the transformative journey of night vision technology. From the pioneering infrared scopes of the 1940s to today's cutting-edge digital and hybrid systems, learn how each generation has enhanced visibility and tactical performance.



Fusion Energy - From Theory to Commercialization

Explore the journey of fusion energy from theory to commercialization, highlighting key milestones, reactor types, and the promising future of clean, limitless energy.


Capabilities Sheet

Peak NanoPlex Films

Discover Peak NanoPlex Films, transforming energy storage with compact, high-density capacitors. Made in the USA, powering fusion energy and grid reliability. Download our capabilities sheet now!



China, Night Vision, and Our Self-Inflicted Wounds: The Strategic Mistake of Outsourcing Critical Technology

Discover the strategic mistake of outsourcing critical technology to China and its impact on national security. Learn how to safeguard US interests and maintain technological superiority.


Fact Sheet

Peak Overview

Learn about Peak, our history, our patented NanoPlex and HawkSight technologies, and our target industries. Download our fact sheet today.


Tech Brief

What Is NanoPlex™

NanoPlex is our patented nanolayered metamaterial technology that offer new solutions for tomorrow's materials challenges. Download our tech brief for details.



Partners In Power: Artificial Intelligence And Fusion Energy

At the World Economic Forum, Sam Altman highlighted the increasing energy demands of Artificial Intelligence and how fusion energy could be the key to sustainable growth. Read our blog to learn more.


Data Sheet

Made in the USA

Discover how our dedication to domestic manufacturing sets us apart—download our data sheet to learn more about our mission and the advantages of our "Made in the USA" commitment.



From Darkness To Tactical Dominance: The Evolution Of U.S. Night Vision

Explore the evolution of U.S. military night vision technology from World War II to the cutting-edge innovations of the future, highlighting its impact on tactical dominance in modern warfare.



Going Beyond Glass For Night Vision -Explore HawkAI™ LGRIN Optics

Explore cutting-edge HawkAI™ LGRIN Optics for enhanced night vision capabilities beyond traditional glass optics. Download our whitepaper to learn more.



10 Big Takeaways From The 2024 Fia Annual Conference Unveils A Bright Future For Fusion Energy

The 2024 Fusion Industry Association Conference in Washington, D.C., highlighted significant strides toward commercial fusion energy. Check out the 10 big takeaways from this event.


Tech Brief

What is HawkAI™️ LGRIN

Unveil the future of optics with HawkAI LGRIN technology, powered by NanoPlex metamaterials and AI-driven design. Download the technology brief to learn more.


Capabilities Sheet

Peak HawkSight Optics Capabilities

Explore Peak HawkSight Optics' cutting-edge capabilities in night vision, fire control, and unmanned aircraft systems. Download the capabilities sheet for innovative optical solutions.


Data Sheet

Peak HawkAI™ LGRIN Reduction In Hazardous Material

Learn how Peak HawkAI™ Optics meet strict regulations by avoiding hazardous materials with innovative NanoPlex technology.


Data Sheet

NanoPlex™ LDF X-3000 Capacitor Film

Peak LDF X-3000 capacitor film technology, provides incredible operational temperature and low dissipation factor performance. For more information, download our data sheet today.

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Data Sheet

PVS-14 Ultra-Lightweight Eyepiece And Objective

Peak HawkSight Optics features light weight, high clarity Layered Gradient Refractive Index (LGRIN) lenses that increase situational awareness and reduce fatigue for warfighters. Download now.


Data Sheet

NanoPlex™ HDC Ultra High-Power Film

Peak HDC Ultra High-Power Films deliver up to 4x more energy storage capacity packed into half the footprint. Experience the future of energy storage with NanoPlex HDC. Read our data sheet.


Data Sheet

Peak HawkSight™ OEM Optics Solutions

Download our data sheet to understand how Peak's expertise can elevate the value and success of OEM products in the optics landscape.


Data Sheet

HawkSight Optics PVS-14 NVD Monocular Reset/Upgrade

Peak’s PVS-14 NVG monocular upgrade features lightweight optics and cost-effectiveness while ensuring optimal performance across diverse battlefield conditions. Download to learn more.


Solution Brief

Peak For Power Grids

Peak NanoPlex film capacitors drive efficiency, resilience, and adaptability across power generation, transmission, and mobile solutions. Learn more, download our solution brief.



Peak Workforce

Peak's strives for an engaging work environment and commitment to innovation, where every team member feels at home and empowered to excel in their roles. Watch our video to learn more about Peak's workforce.



Peak Leadership Perspectives

Revolutionizing the nanotechnology industry with groundbreaking thin film technology, Peak's leadership dives into Peak's advancements in optical markets and capacitor technology. Watch our video to learn more.


Press Release

Peak Nanosystems Raises $25 Million Series C Round to Fund Acquisition and Expand Product Lines

Peak Nanosystems has closed a $25mm investment from Squadron Capital to fund the acquisition of Cleveland, Ohio-based PolymerPlus.


Press Release

Peak Nanosystems Raises $25 million in Funding for Growth in Optics and Specialty Films

Peak Nanosystems has closed another $25 million investment to fund larger scale production of optical lenses and developmental scale films.

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Press Release

Peak Nanosystems Receives Two Key Awards for New Technologies Used in Electrification and Defense

Peak Nanosystems has received two industry leading awards recognizing innovations that have moved to commercialization.


Data Sheet

HawkSight Optics PVS-14 Reset: Peak and Wilcox

Modernize your PVS-14 with Peak’s advanced LGRIN technology, resetting conventional glass with this easy-to-upgrade, unparalleled performance and clarity solution.


Solution Brief

Peak for Electric Vehicles

Peak advanced film for capacitors redefine energy storage and efficiency, offering advancements in electric vehicle (EV) acceleration, charging, and design. Download the solution brief today.


Solution Brief

Peak for Fusion Energy

Dive deeper into how Peak's NanoPlex technology optimizes fusion power plants for improved efficiency, operational longevity, and reduced costs by downloading our detailed solution brief.



Driving U.S. Energy Policy and Reducing Foreign Dependence on Capacitor Films for Energy Optimization

Explore Peak's NanoPlex technology, driving U.S. energy independence by reducing reliance on foreign capacitor films.


Solution Brief

HawkSight Optics Create Overmatch Capability for Night Vision

Revolutionize night vision capabilities with HawkSight Optics' LGRIN technology for warfighters. Enhance situational awareness, operational tempo, and safety with precision optics. Download now.




Explore 8transformative ways LGRIN Optics are enhancing night vision performance, safety, and relief for warfighters. Download our infographic now to see how we're ensuring mission success.



The Rise of LGRIN over Glass Lenses

Discover how LGRIN technology is transforming optics, overcoming the limitations of traditional glass lenses. Explore its benefits for advanced military applications and beyond.



Artificial Lens Mimics Human Eyes Natural Design

Artificial lens mimics human eye's natural design using GRIN technology with polymer nanolayers, offering potential advancements in compact optical systems and lens implants. Read more.

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