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Defense Partners

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Peak Defense Partner Program

Peak collaborates with a diverse range of defense partners. Each program requires collaboration with partners for design, compatibility, and services. In the defense sector, our primary focus lies in leveraging our HawkSightTM optics, specifically designed or adapted for night vision devices, fire control systems, and unmanned aircraft.

Our HawkSight optics are engineered around our proprietary LGRIN (Layered Gradient Refractive Index) technology that enhances optical systems by expanding the Field of View (FOV) and increasing target identification distance while significantly reducing the weight of the optics compared to traditional glass-based systems.

Peak actively engages with industry partners to adhere to the Department of Defense (DoD) Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) principles. By embracing these principles, we streamline development processes, creating cost-effective, mission-scalable solutions that enable our warfighters to complete their missions and return home safely.

Defense Association Partners

Peak is proud to work with a wide variety of defense industry associations and organizations that work to improve the tools used by our warfighters. Participation in their events, conferences, and forums enables us to influence policies, build U.S.-based supply chains, and ensure that Peak and our alliances drive innovations, cost efficiency, and modular interoperability to support the MOSA model. Together, we are forging a new industry roadmap across various sectors, building a U.S.-led and allied nation-driven supply chain.


Peak research partners

The origin of Peak is rooted in research conducted by the Naval Research Lab, DARPA, university programs such as Case Western Reserve who are funded by the National Science Foundation and additional research organizations. Peak continues to work with these organizations and many others to advance the science behind NanoPlexTM metamaterials and HawkSightTM optics.

Peak is honored to participate in research programs funded by these and other organizations. This collaboration allows Peak to deliver the new systems our warfighters require to complete missions.

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