Dismantle The Status Quo

You don’t want to match your competition. You want to set a new industry standard. For that, you need a new kind of partner.

Peak Nano is all about disruption.

We help industry-leading companies rewrite the rules and chart a new path forward—on a journey powered by nanotechnology. For big names ready to think bigger, nanotechnology is the new frontier. And Peak Nano will guide the way—with sound strategy, and real results.

We’re the people who take nanotechnology out of the lab, and make sense of it for your business. You can’t shatter realities with theory alone.

For us, it’s making it real that matters.



The Peak Nano System

Nanotechnology can push the performance of commercial products well beyond what conventional wisdom says is possible. Yet, it’s one thing to prove a theory, and another to take that theory to market. The Peak Nano system streamlines the process; we’ve created a turnkey commercialization engine for breakthrough nanotechnology.


Step 1:

We partner with global leaders in nanotechnology research and innovation.


Step 2:


Every breakthrough, every opportunity is analyzed and quantified based on market profitability.


Step 3:


We acquire, license, develop, then build the Intellectual Property portfolio.

Step 4:

Our focus shifts to rapid prototyping and commercialization.


Step 5:

We structure capital for efficient manufacturing and distribution.


Nanotechnology On A Large Scale


So much of the potential of nanotechnology has remained stuck in the laboratory. With our manufacturing facilities and partners, we’re able to rapidly prototype new technology and quickly move into the commercialization phase of operations.

It’s during the commercialization phase that Peak Nano brings to bear the capital, accounting, sales, and the executive leadership needed to accelerate the process, while mitigating risk. For those ready to share their breakthroughs with the world, we can make it happen.


You're Not Alone


Because you’re reading this, chances are you’re a disruptor too.

If you’re part of a business that’s ready to shake up the status quo, leap ahead of your competitors, and put nanotechnology to work, you should be working with Peak Nano.

If you’re researching new nanotechnologies, and you’re ready to share your work with the world, you should be working with Peak Nano.

We’re ready to help you think bigger. Let’s get started today.


Who We Are


Making nanotechnology work in the real world takes vision. Our team is diverse: executives with significant record of success in sales, operations, manufacturing, and finance. Accomplished scientists. And top-tier engineers.


Jim Welsh

  • Global Sales & Marketing Executive.
  • A strategic entrepreneurship leader.
  • Has established successful nanotechnology ventures with multiple defense and corporate entities.

Chad Lewis
President & COO

  • Multiple successful joint ventures, partnerships, and licenses in nanotechnology fields.
  • Deep finance, legal, and operations experience.
  • Sought-after thought-leader on entrepreneurship, innovation, and successful commercialization of nanotechnology.

Dr. Michael Ponting

  • Lead scientist on several DoD-funded multi-layered materials technology programs.
  • Oversees the custom R&D and Pilot co-extrusion processing facilities used by Peak Nano.
  • Holder of multiple patents related to multilayered polymer film systems and GRIN optics.

Howard Fein
Chief Optical Scientist

  • 30+ years of experience in advanced optics design.
  • Holder of more than 25 current and pending patents and co-patents in optical metrology, digital microscopic imaging, and machine vision optics and inspection.

Alan Longshore
Senior VP Manufacturing

  • 30+ years in complex manufacturing and program management.
  • Designed, built, and managed multiple high-volume facilities, including IC fabrication, electronic assembly, and electro/mechanical assembly.
  • Entrepreneur with extensive startup experience.

Adin Pfeuffer
VP Program Management

  • Has assembled and led multiple global operations teams.
  • Experienced program manager with emerging defense technologies
  • Former USMC Special Operations and Infantry Officer

Dr. Richard Flynn
Senior Optical Scientist

  • 6+ years experience designing polymer gradient index (GRIN) optical lenses and systems.  Co-created and coded the GRIN model and design tools macro suite used in Zemax OpticStudio software.
  • Author of 38+ journal articles and conference presentations, with more than 12 in the field of polymer gradient index optics.
  • 10+ years postdoctoral experience as government researcher, professor and optical designer in the fields of GRIN optics, plasmonics, metamaterials, optical trapping, circuit design, laser spectroscopy and optical metrology.

Peak Nano Board of Directors

Chad Lewis
Co-Founder, President & COO of Peak Nano

Jim Welsh
Co-Founder, CEO of Peak Nano

Kurt Swogger
CEO of Molecular Rebar Design



Tyson Voelkel
President, Texas A&M Foundation


Gen. Mark Welsh (USAF RET)
President, The Bush School of Government & Public Service, Texas A&M University
Former Member, Joint Chiefs of Staff