Our Mission

To develop nano-scale technologies that deliver macro-scale benefits.

About Peak

Peak is a US-based, AI-driven technology company that uses nanotechnology to solve macro-level global challenges. Our engineers and researchers are developing solutions for advanced optics, aerospace, life sciences, and other industrial solutions.

We are the leader in applying artificial intelligence to design and optimize reusable polymers to make the world a safer and more sustainable place. We help enable and protect people, national defense, and the planet.

Peak Awards

edison awards gold 2023 winner

2023 Gold Edison Award

Peak was granted a Gold Edison Award for enhanced performance of capacitor films. The award noted, “Through Peak’s nanolayer process, tunable film capacitors are provided with superior thermal & electrical properties. By combining high electrical breakdown AND high-temperature resistance, Peak 4125-12 allows capacitor producers to change the game. These films will improve capacitors for EV, aircraft, high voltage, and renewable energy markets.”

2023 German Innovation Award for Excellence

Peak was awarded the German Innovation Award in May 2023 for Excellence in Business to Business – Materials & Surfaces. The award notes: “Peak’s technology is the first commercial-scale process to produce polymeric lenses for the industry. In a typical 8 X 42 binocular, the field-of-view increases from 7.5° to 9.0° by using LGRIN lenses. In addition, colour and resolution are enhanced.”

silver edison award

2022 Silver Edison Award

Peak received a Silver Edison Award in the category of Performance Based Designs for Nanolayer LGRIN Lenses. From the Edison Awards: “Peak Nano Optics’ nanolayer film technology provides LGRIN lenses for military, medical, and commercial applications. LGRIN lenses are 10X thinner and 80% lighter than glass and provide a wider field of view while enhancing resolution and color. Production facilities are in place, and customer programs are underway for commercialization.”

r&d 100 gold 2021

2021 R&D 100 Gold

Peak Nano Optics has been named an R&D 100 Gold Medal Winner as a Market Disruptor in the Products Special Recognition category. The R&D 100 Awards is the only science and technology awards competition that recognizes new commercial products for their technological significance.

Leadership Team

jim welsh

Jim Welsh


chad lewis

Chad Lewis


Casey Fischer


John M. Prewitt


Dr. Michael Ponting


Michael Hus

SVP, Engineering

Shaun Walsh


Richard Lepkowicz

Dr. Richard Lepkowicz

SVP, Optics

Garrett Bastable

SVP, Operations

Trent Hutchison

Director of Marketing & Sales, Optics


Kevin Cameron

Director of Marketing & Sales, Films

Mason Wolak

Director of Capacitor Film Development

Adin Pfeuffer Vice President of Programs

Adin Pfeuffer

Vice President of Programs

Board of Directors

jim welsh

Jim Welsh


chad lewis

Chad Lewis


Tyson Voelkel

Tyson Voelkel

President of Texas A&M Foundation

Dave Pelizzon

Dave Pelizzon

President of Squadron Capital

harold ruf

Harold Ruf

COO of Squadron Capital

Full Name



General Paul Ostrowski

Paul Ostrowski


Stanton D. Ray

Head of U.S. Loan Platform, Senior Portfolio Manager

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Leadership Perspectives

Sustainability & Circular Economy

Moving from a linear to a circular economy requires innovation and dedication. Peak Nano is applying our innovative nanolayer technology across the specialty films industry to provide end-users with new design freedom to meet their sustainability goals.



  • Certified feed stock materials sourced from socially and environmentally responsible suppliers
  • Low carbon footprint extrusion processes are used
  • Optimized waste streams through reuse and repurposing



  • Highly efficient use of recyclate while maintaining physical properties
  • Novel film designs optimize toughness/stiffness balance, allow for barrier performance maximization, and provide good inter-layer adhesion
  • Designed to create simpler structures that are easier to recycle at the end of life



  • Peak nanolayer technology allows for balanced property designs while using required recyclate amounts in packaging applications
  • When possible, Peak uses recycled materials or sustainably produced feed stocks for our films

US-Based Design, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain

Peak manufactures our products in Ohio. Our US-based supply chain underpins our research, technology, designs, and products. Our world-class technology leadership empowers us to build products and generate jobs here in America. We collaborate with our partners to promote a US-based supply chain for all the parts and materials used in our products and solutions. This strategy is crucial to our customers, enhances employee benefits, and optimizes our business.



Optics Foundry

8190 Roll and Hold Parkway
Suite A
Macedonia, OH 44056

(216) 750-8673

Films Development Center

7700 Hub Parkway
Suite 8
Valley View, OH 44125

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