Alan Longshore

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing

At Peak Nano, Alan Longshore stands squarely where theory meets reality. Starting from scratch, Alan has conceptualized, designed and now built a state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing facility to produce Peak Nano’s game-changing GRIN lenses for the optics industry. And he’s done it all while staffing, establishing critical supply chain relationships and more.

With previous experience in wireless communications, computer storage, alternative energy, and electronic test and measurement technologies, as well as broad high-tech manufacturing, nobody is better prepared for this role.

Alan is an entrepreneur at heart, and in previous roles as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, he not only grew new businesses, but was responsible for all operational aspects, from the manufacturing operations to the overall business plan.

Prior to joining Peak Nano, Alan designed cutting- edge cleanroom fabrication and factory facilities for Agilent Technologies/Keysight Technologies, leaders in sophisticated analytics instruments and software, as well as laboratory and manufacturing technology. During this time, Alan’s transformative leadership enabled doubled-capacity within 10 months and created an additional $400 million in enabled-revenue. His LEAN process improvements alone saved the company $3.5 million in just one year.

An expert in 6 Sigma, LEAN Manufacturing and other processes, Alan earned his Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Brigham Young University.