Chad Lewis


Innovate, Disrupt, and Dominate. As the co-founder of Peak Nano, Chad takes his passion for turning big ideas into disruptive applications and focuses that onto markets where Peak can be transformative. His experience has made him a sought-after speaker on innovation, entrepreneurship, and breakthrough nanotechnologies.
Prior to Peak Nano, Chad served in executive roles at both Molecular Rebar Design and its spinout MW2 Defense, and has launched multiple spinouts and partnerships to fund and develop discrete nanotube technology. He established companies focused on military and biomedical applications, and helped form Black Diamond Structures, a joint venture with Sabic, one of the world’s largest petrochemical manufacturers. The team’s work integrating discrete carbon nanotubes into a variety of existing technologies resulted in breakthrough performance in battery technology (lead and lithium), coatings, composites, and EMI applications.
In addition to his expertise in emerging technologies, Chad also has extensive experience in finance, having secured over $175 million in equity and development funding for nanotechnology development since 2013.
Outside of Peak Nano, Chad loves hunting, golf, and watching Texas A&M sports with his wife and three daughters. Chad is an active supporter of the startup community and serves on the advisory board for Engineering Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M.