NanoPlex™ Capacitors
for Next-Gen
Power Solutions

NanoPlex capacitor films enable up to 4X more energy storage in half the footprint to revolutionize how we enhance power grids, accelerate EVs, and develop fusion energy.

peak pulsed energy

Peak Powers Pulsed Energy

Peak NanoPlex films power pulsed power applications with up to 8X more power.  Pulsed power. Capacitors in pulsed power systems store electrical energy and release it rapidly in short, intense bursts. They act as energy reservoirs, allowing for electrical energy accumulation and controlled discharge. Some of the top pulsed power applications that use NanoPlex include: 

  • Power Grid Energy Refactoring
  • Laser Systems
  • EMALS and Railguns
  • Defibrillators and more

Power Grid Solutions

Global power grids are a hybrid of traditional and renewable energy sources. They must integrate those diverse energy sources and provide predictable power delivery to industry and consumers. NanoPlex capacitor films are leveraged by leading power suppliers, capacitor designers, and EV manufacturers to ensure increased optimal delivery performance and promote clean energy.
Power Lines Energy Systems
peak power grid

Developing Fusion Power

Fusion energy powers our sun and all the stars in the universe. The process is theoretically simple. Hydrogen atoms can be superheated, fusing together and producing helium and clean energy. The implementation is a bit more complicated and requires hundreds of high-powered lasers or magnets to recreate the fusion process in a controlled manner.

Peak’s NanoPlex films are being used to develop the massive power bursts required to power those lasers and magnets to increase fusion effectiveness, efficiency, and production readiness.

Peak Powers Laser Fusion Reactors

laser fusion capacitors nanoplex capacitors

Peak Powers Magnetic Based Fusion Power

magnetic fusion reactor nanoplex capacitors

Peak Accelerates Ludicrous Mode

When powering EVs (cars, trucks, buses, semis, planes, boats, and drones), battery life often gets the headlines, but it is the capacitors that deliver the power to run these vehicles.

When a Tesla wants maximum acceleration in “Ludacris Mode,” the capacitors deliver the power pulse required to create the acceleration.

NanoPlex capacitor films provide the next-generation power boost demanded by big workloads. EV manufacturers want the higher performance enabled by NanoPlex capacitor films to drive new applications, reduce supplemental cooling system requirements, and expand capabilities.

Electro-magnetic Aircraft Launch System

Just like EVs, Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems (EMALS) require high-performance capacitors to deliver the power that is used by our latest aircraft carriers to launch aircraft. The aircraft launching systems that EMALS leverage are linear induction motors rather than using the conventional steam piston.

The first EMALS was installed on the USS Gerald R. Ford. NanoPlex capacitor films can enhance the pulsed power performance of EMALS which would increase launch rates and expand the number of aircraft classes for deployment.