Federal Programs

Peak Warfighter Optics

Warfighters need solutions that increase situational awareness, lethality, survivability, and operational tempo. Peak’s AI-powered optics technology enables fighters to accomplish their mission and get their team home safely.

Our HawkAI™ optics are based on next-generation LGRIN (Layered Gradient Refractive Index) technology that is AI-optimized and built in the US. Our advanced LGRIN lenses can be leveraged for night vision, fire control, drones, and any application that requires the highest level of optics performance. Using our optics improves warfighter tempo, reduces fatigue, and increases lethality.

  • Night Vision
  • Fire Control
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Peak Optics Federal Data

  • Peak Nano Optics, LLC
  • 8190 Roll & Hold Parkway
  • Macedonia, OH 44056
NAICS Codes571700
Email[email protected]
Phone(216) 750-8673
Contract Vehicles
  • Congressional 1 (FY22) DOTC 1068
  • ManTech DOTC 0387
  • The Govt Environmental Program DOTC 1318
  • Congressional 2 (FY23) BAA – Nanolayered Polymer Optics Contract

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Peak NanoPlex Pulsed Power Solutions

Peak created NanoPlex™ to build new energy storage solutions to enhance current power grids, integrate renewable energy sources, and enable fusion energy. NanoPlex is an advanced nano-layered technology that can deliver up to 4X more energy storage in the same footprint as traditional capacitor films. Our high-powered capacitor solutions will enable any technology that requires rapid power delivery, including substations, EVs, drones, defibrillators, military systems, utilities, and fusion energy. NanoPlex capacitor films will change the way the world packages and delivers energy.
  • Up to 4X higher power density vs. BOPP
  • 2X smaller footprints
  • Up to 50% better thermal dynamics

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Peak Films Federal Data

  • Peak Nano Films, LLC
  • 770 Hub Parkway
  • Valley View, OH 44125
NAICS Codes541713
Email[email protected]
Phone(216) 750-8673
Contract Vehicles
  • ONR SBIR Phase 2 Option (N68335-18-C-0101)
  • CWRU Sub-Contract for ARL Congressional Plus-Up (W911NF-17-2-0080)