AI-Powered Defense Solutions

Peak’s AI-powered optics technology enables fighters to accomplish their mission and bring the team home safely.

Our advanced fighter systems improve the field of view, accuracy, and effectiveness of night vision, fire control, and unmanned aircraft systems.

Using our lightweight NanoPlex™ based optics, we improve fighter tempo, reduce fatigue, and increase lethality.

NanoPlex Optimizes Energy

Peak NanoPlex creates new energy solutions to enhance current power grids, integrate renewable energy sources, and optimize fusion energy.

Peak NanoPlex solutions can store up to 4X more power than conventional capacitors and accomplish this power delivery with half the footprint to improve environmental considerations.

We deliver energy to change the way the world works.

Peak Powers Fusion Energy

Fusion Energy powers our sun and all the stars in the universe. The process is theoretically simple. Hydrogen atoms can be superheated, fusing together and producing helium and clean energy. The implementation is a bit more complicated and requires hundreds of high-powered lasers to recreate the fusion process in a controlled manner.

Peak’s NanoPlex films are being used to develop the massive power bursts required to power those lasers to increase fusion effectiveness, efficiency, and production readiness. Peak NanoPlex solutions can provide up to four times the energy density of conventional capacitors and enable smaller and lighter solutions to improve environmental considerations.

Life Sciences Levels Up

Peak products and solutions advance the capabilities and effectiveness of the Life Sciences industry in several areas.

First, our AI-powered optics technology enables life science professionals to reduce the complexity and cost of endoscopy instruments while improving overall performance.

Second, our NanoPlex films can optimize the safety, transport, and usability of instruments, medications, and supplies.

Peak Performance for Aerospace

Peak technology and solutions can be used across various aerospace applications, including AI-powered optics for drones, satellites, and other reconnaissance systems.

Our NanoPlex capacitor films can power EMALS, rail guns, EVs, UAS, and other military systems. Peak Specialty films can be used for various UV protection, solar reflection management, and other surface protection and control demands.


We encounter food wrappers and packaging every day of our lives, and the science behind food freshness and supply chains is far more advanced than we often consider. Every food has very specific environmental and regulatory requirements that they must address.

One example is a significant chip manufacturer that wants to be able to fill its packaging with nitrogen to maximize freshness.

Another requires specific UV blockage to prevent product decay. One requires more sustainable packaging solutions that are 100% recyclable or compostable.  Whatever the requirements, Peak’s NanoPlex can be adapted to the application-specific requirements.