AI-Based Optics Enhance Endoscopy

Peak’s HawkAI™ optics used LGRIN technology to increase surgical precision and reduce the time of procedures.

advanced endoscopy

More Precise and Efficient Surgery

Peak’s HawkAI optics leverage next-generation LGRIN technology to increase surgical precision and reduce procedure times. Our lenses provide a wider field of view, dramatically improved color presentation, and enhanced focus.

Our optics reduce the time to perform surgical procedures which is safer for patients and more efficient for hospitals. Our optics can enhance existing medical devices.

Stronger and Safer Medical Packaging

Life Sciences implements, tools, and medicines require protective packaging that meets the highest standards and most predictable behaviors to protect lives. Our NanoPlex™ films are “programmable” to meet the application-specific requirements. Our films can be configured for transparency, tensile/punction strength, or recyclability. We work with leading life-science companies and organizations to ensure the safety and security of vital medical supplies and instruments.

specialty films medical packaging
AED Power Solutions

Life-Saving AED Power Solutions

Our NanoPlex films provide the power needed to save lives. In those crucial moments when people need a defibrillator, perfection is required. NanoPlex capacitor films can provide the power AED devices need safely, consistently, and quickly.

Peak’s power technology is targeted to enable pulsed electrical devices like AEDs to charge faster and deliver the precise power required on-demand to meet the critical needs of patients when they need it most.