Mike Ponting, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Peak Nano’s mission is taking breakthrough nanotechnology from the lab to the real world. With invaluable expertise in both materials science and business, Mike Ponting, Peak Nano’s Chief Technology Officer, has the unique insights and vision that make this possible.

As a co-founder and President of PolymerPlus LLC, Mike is the lead scientist and primary investigator on several DoD and commercially funded multilayered materials technology development programs. In addition to the development of Peak Nano’s nanolayered gradient refractive index optics, he’s focusing research efforts on additional microlayered and nanolayered polymer thin film technologies, including nanolayered dielectric energy storage films and coextruded non-woven nanofibrous materials for filtration applications.

Mike’s other research interests include: processing of microlayered and nanolayered polymer systems, multilayer coextrusion system and die design, polymer structure-property relationships, nanoscale induced polymer optical properties, layer confinement effects for improved gas barrier, and manufacturing scale-up and metrology of nanolayered polymer films.

A Ph.D. graduate of the Case Western Reserve University, Mike has published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles and holds multiple patents related to the production and structure-property relationships of multilayered polymer film systems.