Partner Program

Peak Partnership First Model

Peak knows every industry, use case, and customer lives in a solution ecosystem requiring vendors to work together. We are a company built to partner first and are dedicated to supporting the ecosystems of our customers’ environments.

We support leading industry and government standards such as the DoD’s Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA). Our goal is to innovate and integrate for our customers and their customers.

peak nano ai powered optics

Peak Optics Partners

Peak’s AI-powered optics solutions can be used for night vision, fire control systems, UAS cameras, medical instruments, and other applications requiring high-performance lenses.

We work with partners to advance the most sophisticated optics applications’ performance, ergonomics, cost, and capabilities. With more than 19 patents on our technology, we bring solutions and a U.S.-based design and manufacturing capability vital to our partners and their customers.

Peak Film Partners

Peak’s NanoPlex™ films are used in various industries and applications. This includes energy, EVs, military, aerospace, life sciences, and more. We help each of these companies create next-generation solutions that solve new and current problems while integrating with their current ecosystem and regulatory approval requirements.

electricity energy power sub-station

Peak Designs for DoD MOSA

Modular Open Systems Approach or MOSA is a DoD standard that seeks flexibility and interchangeability across various systems to optimize capabilities and reduce development time and costs. Under the direction of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and the Director of Defense Research and Engineering for Advanced Capabilities we are working with partners such as Wilcox Industries to deliver on this critical initiative.