Peak Delivers AI-Driven Nanolayered Technology

Peak is the leader in applying artificial intelligence to design and optimize reusable nano layered technology for optics, energy, life sciences, and specialty films.

peak nanoflex films

Peak NanoPlex™ Films

The core of Peak’s products is our NanoPlex film technology. Our nanolayered polymers build LGRIN optics lenses, high-energy capacitors, and advanced films to protect satellites from the sun and keep your chips fresh and crisp.

Our patented processes and AI-based designs create solutions for national defense, aerospace, life sciences, and industrial packaging demands.

Peak HawkAI Optics

HawkAI is Peak’s patent-pending AI design platform. Our unique application of nanolayered LGRIN polymers to create lenses for night vision systems, fire control systems, endoscopy, UAS, and other advanced solutions has made Peak the leader in this optics design and manufacturing technology.

Plus we can improve design time from years to weeks with our AI-based software. Our solutions revolutionize optics for size, weight, color, & clarity performance. This gives warfighter systems significant performance advantages and enables surgeons to operate more effectively.

peak hawkai optics