Peak Nano, Polymer Plus Join to Introduce Cutting-Edge Optics Technology

January 2016 - Peak Nano, in a joint venture with PolymerPlus, has formed Peak Nano Optics to launch commercial applications utilizing its ground-breaking nano-layered lens technology in the military and commercial optics markets.

Nanolayer Gradient Refractive Index lens technology, or GRIN lenses, represents a huge step forward in optics design and manufacturing. Nanolayer GRIN lenses can be tailored to achieve market defining performance and no longer require the use of heavy and expensive doublet or triplet lenses to achieve even basic levels of performance.

After years of designing high-performance optical systems for military use, the technology was approved for release to commercial partners in late 2015. The immediate results were optics that are as much as 80 percent lighter, deliver 300 percent greater contrast and in many instances feature up to 100 percent better resolution than traditional glass lenses.

"Peak's Nanolayered Optics are positioned to be the most disruptive lens technology in our lifetime," said Chad Lewis, president and chief operating officer of Peak Nano Optics. "By using nanolayering technology, for the first time we can focus on performance first and design systems with unparalled improvements in size, weight, and optical performance."

In addition to outperforming traditional lenses, nanolayer GRIN lenses can be custom designed to meet almost any need. This customizable material allows optics designers unprecedented capabilities to maximize color, contrast, and clarity without sacrificing optical performance or adding additional lenses.

Nanolayered GRIN lens technology can be used in almost any optics application, such as improved performance in military night-vision and surveillance cameras; smaller medical imaging and diagnostic equipment; and lighter-weight sporting optics such as riflescopes, telescopes and binoculars.

Peak Nano will be working with the leading manufacturers in each of the targeted markets to design, test and manufacture optical systems featuring GRIN nanolayered lenses.

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About Peak Nano

Nanotechnology can push the performance of commercial products well beyond what conventional wisdom says is possible, but until Peak Nano, much of its potential was unrealized. We're a turnkey commercialization engine for breakthrough nanotechnology, making disruption real in multiple markets. Our Peak Nano system streamlines the entire process, from nanotechnology research and innovation to rapid prototyping, manufacturing, capital, executive leadership, and distribution.