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Peak Nano Awarded for New Technologies in Electrification & Defense

Peak Nano Awarded for New Technologies in Electrification & Defense
Peak takes a Gold Edison Award and a German Innovation Award for Excellence
CLEVELAND – June 3, 2023—Peak Nanosystems, a leading provider of materials and products developed from nanolayer technologies, has received two industry-leading awards recognizing innovations that have moved to commercialization.

Peak was granted a Gold Edison Award for capacitor films in April during an awards gala in Ft. Meyers, Florida. Since 1987, The Edison Awards has honored excellence in new product development, design, and innovation.

Capacitors produced from Peak nanolayer films provide a unique combination of high-usage temperature performance, high-energy density, and exceptional breakdown strength. These qualities provide longer capacitor lifetimes and more compact designs, particularly for electric vehicles. Peak capacitor film also provides significant improvements for grid infrastructure applications.

In May, Peak was awarded the 2023 German Innovation Award for Excellence in Berlin, Germany, for advancements made to LGRIN lenses. Since 1953, the German Innovation Awards have honored international achievements in design, branding, and innovation.

Peak Nanolayer LGRIN lenses lie at the core of Peak’s high-performance defense applications, such as night vision goggles, binoculars, and monocular optics. These systems reduce weight, widen the field of view, and sharpen resolution and color.

About Peak Nanosystems

Peak Nanosystems was established in 2016 to bring patented nanotechnology from the laboratory to commercial applications. High-performance products, such as dielectric films, dichroic films, optical lenses for night-vision goggles, and medical optical lenses, provide significant advantages from Peak’s proprietary nanolayer technology. Peak Nanosystems is the parent company of Peak Nano Films and Peak Nano Optics. For more information, visit