Peak Delivers AI-Driven Nanolayered Technology

Peak is the leader in applying artificial intelligence to design and optimize reusable nano layered technology for optics, energy, life sciences, and specialty films.

Peak NanoPlex™ Films

The core of Peak’s products is our NanoPlex film technology. Our nanolayered polymers build LGRIN optics lenses, high-energy capacitors, and advanced films to protect satellites from the sun and keep your chips fresh and crisp.

Our patented processes and AI-based designs create solutions for national defense, aerospace, life sciences, and industrial packaging demands.

Peak HawkAI™ Optics

HawkAI is Peak’s patent-pending AI design platform. Our unique application of nanolayered LGRIN polymers to create lenses for night vision systems, fire control systems, endoscopy, UAS, and other advanced solutions has made Peak the leader in this optics design and manufacturing technology.

Plus we can improve design time from years to weeks with our AI-based software. Our solutions revolutionize optics for size, weight, color, & clarity performance. This gives warfighter systems significant performance advantages and enables surgeons to operate more effectively.

Peak Delivers AI-Optimized Optics

Peak’s HawkAI-based optics delivers on next-gen performance, enhanced accuracy, and lighter weight to optimize warfighter tempo.

Optimized Upgrade

Peak Nano Optics now produces assemblies for eyepieces and objectives that quickly replace traditional glass assemblies in AN/PVS-14 optics. By upgrading to LGRIN nanolayered lenses produced in the United States, new Peak assemblies represent a significant improvement in performance, weight, and cost savings without replacing the housing. Peak’s nanolayer technology quickly transforms every aspect of optical performance and design.
Product PVS-14 AI Military Optics Night Vision Binoculars

Wilcox G24 Dove Tail Upgrades

Peak has partnered with Wilcox Industries, the leader in helmet mounting systems. The G24 Mount has been field tested by operators and fine-tuned from their hands-on experience with our  product. 

Pioneering the break away” feature, this mount disconnects from the base under stress if  desired, reducing the potential for neck injury of the operator. The G24 mount is your “go-to” for night vision goggles. Mount/shroud kits available. Wilcox confidently stands by our 5-year warranty on every shroud and  helmet mount used together as a system.

Peak Fire Control Systems

Peak has developed the next generations of lens technology for the current and future generations of mortar fire control systems. Our solution leverages the current prism and housing technology. The addition of Peak lenses increases the field of view by 20% and dramatically reduces edge distortion for improved accuracy. Peak’s fire control systems required upgrades via a US-based supply chain.

NanoPlex Capacitors
for Next-Gen
Power Solutions

NanoPlex capacitor films enable up to 4X more power storage in half the footprint to revolutionize how we enhance power grids, accelerate EVs, and develop Fusion Energy.

Power Grid Solutions

Global power grids are a hybrid of traditional and renewable energy sources. They must integrate those diverse energy sources and provide predictable power delivery to industry and consumers. NanoPlex capacitor films are leveraged by leading power suppliers, capacitor designers, and EV manufacturers to ensure increased optimal delivery performance and promote clean energy.
power grid graphic

Developing Fusion Power

Fusion Energy powers our sun and all the stars in the  universe. The process is theoretically simple. Hydrogen atoms can be superheated, fusing together and producing helium and clean energy. The implementation is a bit more complicated and requires hundreds of high-powered lasers to recreate the fusion process in a controlled

Peak’s NanoPlex films are being used to develop the
massive power bursts required to power those lasers to increase fusion effectiveness, efficiency, and production readiness.

developing fusion power graphic

Peak Accelerate Ludacris Mode

When powering EVs (Cars, Trucks, Buses, Semis, Planes, Boats, and Drones), battery life often gets the headlines, but it is the capacitors that delivers the power to run these vehicles.

When a Tesla wants maximum acceleration in “Ludacris Mode,” the capacitors deliver the power pulse required to create the acceleration.

NanoPlex capacitor films provide the next-generation power boost demanded by big workloads. EV manufacturers want us to drive new applications, reduce cooling, and expand capabilities.

Electro-magnetic Aircraft Launch System

Just like EVs, Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems (EMALS) require high-performance capacitors to deliver the power that is used by our latest aircraft carriers to launch aircraft. launching system that EMALS leverages a linear induction motor rather than the conventional steam piston.

The first EMALS system was installed on the USS Gerald R. Ford. NanoPlex capacitor films will be able to improve EMALS performance, efficiency, and production by increasing the launch rate and expanding the classes of aircraft deployed.

Peak Specialty Films from Space to Snacks

Our NanoPlex films protect satellites in space, ensure the safety of medical supplies, and keep your chips fresh and crisp.

Medical Packaging

Life Sciences implements, tools, and medicals require protective films of the highest standards and most predictable  behaviors to protect lives.

Our nanoPlex films are “programmable” to meet the application-specific
requirements. Our films can be configured for transparency, tensile/punction strength, or recyclability. We work with leading life sciences companies and organizations to ensure the safety and security of vital medical supplies and instruments.

Accelerating EVs

Satellites operate in the extreme environments of space and must withstand extreme temperatures and solar conditions. One of the side-effects of  satellites’ metallic surfaces can be excessive solar reflections that can interfere with telescopes and other light sensitive observation instruments.

Peak Nano films can be used to wrap those reflective surfaces and eliminate solar glare significantly reducing “light pollution” that can impact the accuracy of  astronomical observations.

Keeping Food Safe
and Fresh

We encounter food wrappers and packaging every day of our lives, and the science behind food freshness and supply chains is far more advanced than we often consider. Every food has very specific environmental and regulatory requirements that they must address.

One example is a significant chip manufacturer that wants to be able to fill its packaging with nitrogen to maximize freshness. Another requires specific UV blockage to prevent product decay. What ever the requirements, Peak’s NanoPlex can be adapted to the applications-specific requirements.

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