Peak Specialty Films from Space to Snacks

Our NanoPlex™ films protect satellites in space, ensure the safety of medical supplies, and keep your chips fresh and crisp.

Medical Packaging

Life Science implements, tools, and medicals require protective films of the highest standards and most predictable behaviors to protect lives.

Our NanoPlex films are “programmable” to meet the application-specific requirements. Our films can be configured for transparency, tensile/punction strength, or recyclability. We work with leading life sciences companies and organizations to ensure the safety and security of vital medical supplies and instruments.

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Extending the Life of Satellites

Satellites operate in the extreme environments of space and must withstand extreme temperatures and solar conditions. One of the side-effects of satellites’ metallic surfaces can be excessive solar reflections that can interfere with telescopes and other light-sensitive observation instruments.

Peak Nano films can be used to wrap those reflective surfaces and eliminate solar glare significantly reducing “light pollution” that can impact the accuracy of astronomical observations.

Keeping Food Safe and Fresh

We encounter food wrappers and packaging every day of our lives, and the science behind food freshness and supply chains is far more advanced than we often consider. Every food has very specific environmental and regulatory requirements that they must address.

One example is a significant chip manufacturer that wants to be able to fill its packaging with nitrogen to maximize freshness. Another requires specific UV blockage to prevent product decay. One requires more sustainable packaging solutions that are 100 percent recyclable or compostable. Whatever the requirements, Peak’s NanoPlex can be adapted to the application-specific requirements.

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