Peak Delivers AI-Optimized Optics

Peak’s HawkAI-based optics delivers on next-gen performance, enhanced accuracy, and lighter weight to optimize warfighter tempo.

PVS-14 AI Optimized Upgrade

Peak now produces upgrade assemblies for eyepieces and objectives that quickly replace traditional glass assemblies in AN/PVS-14 and commercial BNVD systems. We have partnered with Wilcox Industries on this upgrade to improve the ruggedness of the mounting arm to the helmet.  By upgrading to LGRIN nanolayered lenses produced in the United States, new Peak assemblies represent a significant improvement in performance, weight, and cost savings without replacing the housing. Peak’s nanolayer technology quickly transforms every aspect of optical performance and design.

Product PVS-14 AI Military Optics Night Vision Binoculars
dove tail upgrade

Wilcox G24 Dove Tail Upgrades

Peak has partnered with Wilcox Industries, the leader in helmet mounting systems. The G24 Mount has been field tested by operators and fine-tuned from their hands-on experience with our product. 

Pioneering the “breakaway” feature, this mount disconnects from the base under stress if desired, reducing the potential for neck injury. The G24 mount is a go-to for night vision goggles. Mount/shroud kits are available. Wilcox confidently stands by our 5-year warranty on every shroud and helmet mount used together as a system.

Peak Fire Control Systems

Peak has developed the next generations of lens technology for the current and future generations of mortar fire control systems. Our solution leverages the current prism and housing technology. The addition of Peak lenses increases the field of view by 20% and dramatically reduces edge distortion for improved accuracy. 

us military fire control system soldiers

See Better Every Day with HawkAI

Peak’s LGRIN-based optics are superior to traditional glass lenses, providing superior performance day or night. The world’s first nano-engineered optical lens capable of producing crisp images over a wide color range in a single lightweight element. The advantages of our HawkAI lenses include:

  • Up to 25% Wider Field of View
  • Improved Color Clarity
  • 2X Thinner Optics
  • Up to 50% Lighter than Glass Solutions
  • Extended Range
  • AI-Optimized Designs

HawkAI™ Helps Unmanned Aircraft Systems See More

HawkAI™ lenses help unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) see with unparalleled clarity and precision. Our LGRIN lenses enable UAS to capture high-definition imagery — vital for reconnaissance and targeting. Peak HawkAI lenses are proven to meet the demanding environments required of UAS operations. Our optics solutions provide a performance boost to current and future UAS platforms. HawkAI lenses will reduce weight to increase the range and flight times of unmanned aircraft systems.